Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mass Effect Fan Fiction: Part 1

“Hurry up, Shepard!”  Wrex barked.   The krogan’s hulking frame towered over the commander.  To anyone else, this level of intimidation would cause their knees to buckle and get moving as fast as possible.  “Simmer down Wrex” Shepard responded.  “We might need to rethink our strategy moving forward”.  Wrex’s nostrils flared as he puffed out his chest towards Shepard “What’s there to think about?  The enemy is beyond that gully.  We run through it and squash any resistance that gets in our way.”  Garrus used this opportunity to take a verbal shot at Wrex. “Typical krogan philosophy:  Shoot, smash, and shoot some more.  I thought you had advanced beyond that type of thinking Wrex.”  Wrex fired right back “Oh I’ll kill and smash alright, I just didn’t realize squeezing the life out of a gutless turian was part of the agenda for today.”  

Garrus(bottom), Shepard(middle), and Wrex(right)
Tension began to creep in amongst the scaly turian and the krogan behemoth, and between them was commander Shepard.  “This banter is all very entertaining but can you two knock it off until we get back to the Normandy?  We’re about to enter a firefight and I need your guns pointed at the enemy, not each other.”  Shepard looked over at Garrus.  His scarred face and cracked lines within his skin began to crease even more-so as he let slip a wry smile.  Wrex let out a “Hmph” and backed down.  At this point Garrus figured it’d be a good time for some level-headed thinking, and a healthy dose of sarcasm  “Although I’m not opposed running headlong into certain death, we could just wait them out on the ridge and pick off anyone who tries to attack.  They’re holed up in there but they’ll eventually need to come out for food and supplies.  At some point they’ll have to surrender and we’ll get what we came here for.”  

My Lego creations of Mass Effect characters, vehicles, and aliens.  On the right side you can see Wrex(red), Shepard(grey), and Garrus(blue).
Shepard responded quickly “Not an option.  Vorcha gangs are a stubborn bunch.  It could be days before they give up their stronghold, and we need to dismantle their operation before anyone else gets hurt.”  Both Garrus and Wrex looked at Shepard with inquisitive expressions as if to say “sooooooo, what do we do?”  Without missing a beat, Shepard placed his hands on each of his soldier’s shoulder pads and said, “We’ll use both of your strategies.”  Garrus raised an eyebrow and Wrex cautiously asked “Um, did you take a bump on your fleshy head Shepard?  I know that messes up your soft human brains sometimes.”  Shepard quickly reassured them “Trust me.  Garrus you find a fortified location on the ridge to snipe from and provide cover fire.  Wrex and I will advance through the gully.  Our shields are powered up and I’ll use my biotics to repel fire until we get close enough to punch our way through their defenses.  Once we find our way inside we’ll reconvene and figure out what to do next.”  Wrex and Garrus looked impressed and nodded approvingly.  Now it was time for action…